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Baguio Report #2

Today is Sunday. For the first time in three weeks (for inhabitants of Baguio)/since we arrived, the sun is out. Perhaps because of this, attitudes seem much more festive today.

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Baguio Report #1

The combination of a very long trip (36 hours from Liberty to Baguio), jet lag, and inclement weather have reduced the romance of this trip - but not the joy.

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#LoveWins was the Internet announcement of the recent Supreme Court decision in favor of same-sex marriage.  Instead of honoring love, this hashtag demeans higher love and only encourages a debased kind of love .  This article will present the biblical definition of love by showing how #GreaterLoveWins.

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Results of Nepal Effort

The churches in Shepherd, Buna, and Liberty combined to send almost $10,000 to Nepal.  The director of the school of preaching (Gajendra Deshar) and the students in the school were the point of our spear in this effort.  The students have been delivering disaster relief supplies to Christians in remote villages.

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1 Peter: An Introduction

Two elements combine to set the stage for I Peter, (i) Peter's role as the Apostle to the "circumcision," and (ii)  and the history of earliest Christian persecution, suffered especially by Christian converts from Judaism.  These two elements combine in one of the New Testament's truly underappreciated books.  This article is written to help you appreciate I Peter even more.

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