Adult Education

Adult Education

Adult Education

We currently offer two Sunday morning adult Bible classes.


One of our elders, Robert Ward, teaches the Sunday morning class in the auditorium. Robert does not stifle discussion, but the class is more about listening and more for folks who like to settle into pews. Robert is working through the New Testament epistles.

Fellowship Room

Our other class meets in the fellowship room. Our preacher, Bryant Perkins, is conducting a survey of the entire Bible through the year of 2018. This class is fast paced by design but offers a good framework of the entire narrative of Scripture for you to build your own personal studies upon.

Classes for children and teenagers

In addition to the adult classes listed above, we have Bible classes for all ages. Bobby Rader and Daniel Balch do a great job with our teens, for example, and the ladies who teach the younger kids are always up at the building cutting and pasting for their little ones.