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John 2 #3: The Preponderance of Evidence

Driving to a Galveston Bay restaurant for dinner one evening, Janie and I decided to take a chance (not!).  By the emaciated look of the few hacking patrons, meth and day-old fish was on the menu.  Then we saw the cook!  Resembling a Wookie in a nasty apron, he did not appear to have recently washed (anything).

Run-down outside and impossibly worse inside, the place lacked even charm.  Descriptions like dirty, dreary, dingy, smoky, sticky, and stinky add up to a preponderance of evidence.  They are not YELP! compliments. 

So we decided to stay away.

Can you blame us?

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John 2 #2: Four Views

In the battle between the pro-drinking and the very low- or no-drinking forces within the Churches of Christ, John 2 is a battleground.  Instead of being a battle between only two extreme positions, four nuanced views contend over John 2.  This article will present and consider the four views of Jesus turning water into wine.

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John 2 #1: Just the Facts

In the highly charged battle between the pro-drinking and the very  low- or no-drinking factions within the Churches of Christ, John 2 is a battleground.  Pro-drinking brethren argue that we can either regularly turn bottles over and drain them down or drink "moderately" because Jesus turned water into wine.  No- and very low-drinking brethren argue that John 2 gives no such justification because the wine of Jesus' miracle contained either no alcohol or very low levels of alcohol.

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Galatians Challenge

Teaching Kids about Circumcision: Ten Easy Answers

Circumcision is referenced over 170 times in the Bible.  Unless circumcision is understood, several of the Old Testament's "Bible Stories" remain as mysteries.  Books like Romans (12+ references) and Galatians (8+ references) also remain confusing unless circumcision is understood.  This article is written to (i) explain the Bible's teaching about circumcision, (ii) explain circumcision itself, and (iii) assist adults who are teaching the Bible to children (thanks - a lot - for this suggestion/request from one of our grandmothers who is reading our Galatians Challenge with her grandchild).

So - what is circumcision, and why is it so important in the Bible?

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Discernment - But We Don't Hate Caitlyn

More than gender bending is at issue in the fabulously public case of Bruce - then - Caitlyn Jenner and the frustratingly final case of same-sex marriage.  The Supreme Court's final decision about same-sex marriage and the Khardassianization/Jennerization of the media have brought the biblical concepts of speaking the truth and discernment into sharper focus.  Are Christians able to reach conclusions about sexual reassignment and same-sex marriage, as well as about other moral and spiritual issues?  How can Christians express conclusions about previously accepted definitions of marriage and about sexual orientation, identity and expression?

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