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The Clan of the Cave Bear

The Clan of the Cave Bear was a 1986 movie based on a 1980 novel of the same name about cave-man battles in ancient history.  This article has nothing to do with this movie or book.  This article only borrows the catchy title, The Clan of the Cave Bear, to describe a common tendency of adult males. 

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Brothers Keepers "Reboot"

Responding to suggestions and requests, some slight changes will soon be made to our Brothers Keepers (BK) program. BK (i) provides an opportunity for our members to interact as small groups, and (ii) responds to larger congregational needs like providing food for funerals and other activities. The slight change will not alter these two primary purposes of BK.

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Passages on Preaching

God left instructions about preaching. Several "job-description" passages distinguish God's pulpit purposes from man's. Although contemporary religion has redefined preaching as entertainment, as therapy, and as happy-talk, these passages define preaching as something else.

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Measuring Worship

We are surrounded by superficial measures of everything.  Minutes, pounds, inches and dollars are the units of measure for time, weight, waist size, and income.  But what of spiritual things?  How are they measured?  This article proposes some units of measure for our worship.

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