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The Authority of Elders

Authority has fallen on hard times.  Once assumed to be central to civilized society, authority is now considered evil, awful, and overbearing in form.  French leader Charles de Gaul summarized our one-time attitude.  "I grew up to always respect authority," he said, "and respect those in charge."

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Trial and Error

Few people born after 1960 have heard the Polio; few people born before 1960 can hear the word with feeling terror.  Polio is short for Poliomyelitis, an acute, viral infection that inflames the spinal cord and brainstem resulting in paralysis that cripples legs or arms.  Even breathing can be paralyzed.  Black and white television screens in the 1950s told awful stories of Polio sufferers kept alive by "iron lungs," metal tanks that enclosed all of their body and forced their lungs to inhale and exhale.  Iron lungs trapped sufferers permanently.

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