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Nepal Earthquake

Several have asked about the impact of the recent earthquake on brethren in Nepal and on the work there. Here is a report complied from various news sources and from contacts with brethren in Nepal. The information is based on reports up to Monday, April 27.

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Tribulation in the Early Chapers of Revelation

Building rapport with his readers by closely identifying with their troubles, John often referred to tribulation in the opening chapters of Revelation. "I, John," he wrote, "am your brother and your companion in tribulation and in God's Kingdom and in the patient endurance to which Jesus calls us" (Rev. 1:9). Instead of beginning Revelation from the heights of apostolic authority, John lowered himself among his readers as a "brother" and a "companion" in "tribulation," suffering, oppression, and persecution.

Different kinds of suffering, oppression, and persecution are mentioned in Revelation chapters one, two and three. This article will list and explain these different kinds of tribulation, among them; (i) imprisonment and banishment, (ii) the death sentence, (iii) slander and lies, (iv) economic hardship, and (v) false teaching.

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The Resurrection: Two Views

In the hyper-alienated world of today's religious division, only two different views of the same New Testament doctrine is not too bad. Still, the two competing views of the Resurrection are very different. Those two views are (i) the "General Resurrection" of Realized Millennialism and (ii) the multiple Resurrections of Dispensational Premillennialism. This article will explain these two views and compare them with applicable Bible passages.

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The Crusades and the Inquisition: Criticisms Against Christianity?

Enemies of Christianity sometimes use the Crusades and the Inquisition as ammunition against the religion of the New Testament.  By mentioning these two historical events at the recent National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama curiously supported this juvenile criticism. His remarks beg for a response. This article is written to (i) explain what the Crusades and the Inquisition were, and to (ii) respond to the criticism.

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Why Go to Church?

Numbers tell the tale. Church attendance is plummeting across all religious groups. The “Why?” and the “Now What?” are the subject of an interesting article on Cripplegate, a Canadian religious website.

Not associated with the Churches of Christ is any way, Cripplegate nonetheless reaches conclusions that are strikingly similar to conclusions reached by mainstream brethren. Brace yourself because these conclusions are actually more demanding and rigid than those with which we are most comfortable.

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