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Sun Apr 29 @ 9:00AM -
Sunday Morning Bible Study
Sun Apr 29 @10:00AM -
Sunday Morning Worship
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Sunday Evening Worship
Wed May 02 @10:00AM -
Ladies Bible Class
Wed May 02 @ 7:00PM -
Wednesday Bible Study Class

Sunday May 17th

This coming Sunday will be a very special day for the Liberty Church of Christ. Three significant and separate happenings will mark the day. This is a reminder about these events.

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Nepal Update

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - A 7.3 magnitude aftershock shook Nepal on Tuesday (their time). As previously mentioned, the seismic event that began with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25 is continuing and gives every indication that it will continue to continue. The Tuesday quake was followed closely by at least ten strong aftershocks.

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Evangelicals? Nope.

A funny thing happened on the way to 2015. Long-established Protestant denominations have undenominated and redenominated. Once upon a time, the distinctions among Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians and so on were clear. Now those distinctions have blurred. Further blurring the issue has been the establishment of previously unknown independent interdenominational groups.

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Fundamentalists? Uh, No.

Striving to be "just Christians," we are amused by clumsy efforts to understand us. The religious world has a limited number of pigeon holes, and we just don't fit any of them. The Churches of Christ do not fit in any of the neat Judeo-Christian compartments of Protestants, Catholics, or Jews, or in the clear Protestant categories of Liberals, Evangelicals, or Fundamentalists, a group with whom we are often confused. This article is written to describe Fundamentalism and to describe the differences that distinguish the Churches of Christ from the Fundamentalists.

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Nepal Earthquake

Several have asked about the impact of the recent earthquake on brethren in Nepal and on the work there. Here is a report complied from various news sources and from contacts with brethren in Nepal. The information is based on reports up to Monday, April 27.

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