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Laughing at Fire Ants

I was asked why I did not preach about Jenner last Sunday. (xe is the new and oh-so-hip personal pronoun now being used to satisfy the oh-so-hip LBGTXYZ movement) was all the rage among media preachers in the sermons that closely followed Jenner's July 25th, 22-page, "I Am Caitlyn" Vanity Fair coming-out party (and, oh, by the way, watch xer upcoming television show).

I'll pass - on the show and on preaching about

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Is Benevolence "Especially" for Other Christians Selfish?

Recent sermons on the work of the Church have included references to Galatians 6:10 that says, "Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers" (NIV).

I am pleased that people are listening and thinking about what is preached. One listener/thinker kindly commented on references to Galatians 6:10 and asked if it was selfish to concentrate our spending on benevolence on other members of the Church. This article will respond to this question.

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Self Defense and Luke 22:36

Liberty, Texas is self-defense country. Historically, geographically, and culturally we straddle the margins of the Unreconstructed South, the Wild West, and the Border Southwest. The tools of self defense were once required in these parts, necessities of life as essential as a good horse and a good pair of boots. Now, living where we live, many still cherish the right of self defense as natural and God-given, and many continue to think that the tools of self defense are necessities.

But is self defense God-approved?

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Revelation - Four Views

Join us on Wednesday nights as we study the Book of Revelation:


The Book of Revelation Describes Events Fullfilled in the Closing Decades of the First Century, Primarily the Roman Conquest of Israel and the Destruction of Jerusalem.

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Nepal Update II

Reliving the example of first-century churches, 21st-century churches in Liberty, Buna, and Shepherd are partnering to support effective disaster relief in Nepal. First-century churches once responded to a severe famine that devastated brethren in Judea (Acts 11:28+). Sister congregations in Southeast Texas are now responding to a catastrophic seismic event that is devastating Nepal and endangering the Christians who live there.

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