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"We Would Like To See Jesus," OR MAYBE THAT FAMOUS GUY

Providing the newest best/worst example of off-the-rails Christianity, the Woodlands Church is featuring NEW TEXAN'S QUARTERBACK AND FIRST-ROUND DRAFT PICK DESHAUN WATSON as their "SPECIAL GUEST! on the weekend of June 17-18.  Check their website where WATSON is on THE FRONT PAGE (  You can't miss "Founding Pastor" KERRY SHOOK breathlessly hawking WATSON'S VISIT in prime-time commercials during Houston newscasts.

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The Failure of Pragmatic Christianity

America's greatest contribution to the world's philosophies is Pragmatism.  Practically speaking, Pragmatism is practicality.  Since the late 1800s, "The philosophy of Pragmatism emphasizes the practical application of ideas."  The standard American question, "So why are we even doing this?" is a classic statement of Pragmatism. 

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New Funerals

If Benjamin Franklin was correct to say that "nothing is sure but death and taxes," it is also sure that someone will have to pay taxes on the services rendered after your death.  These services are called funerals, and no one wants to talk about them. 

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No They Don't - Yes They Do

A few congregations once associated with the Churches of Christ have abandoned their former association. Churches like The Hills in Ft. Worth and Oak Hills in San Antonio have added instrumental music to their worship, have shifted to the pastor system, have started using women in spiritual leadership positions, have become the lead campus of a multi-congregational mini-denomination, have jettisoned all interest in being undenominational, and have abandoned the truth about grace. In so doing, these and a few other congregations are embodying the complete Liberal/Progressive agenda.

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Conscientious Objection

Recent World War II movie and multiple Oscar nominee Hacksaw Ridge tells the story of a combat medic, Desmond Doss, who earned the Medal of Honor for service above and beyond the call of duty during the Battle of Okinawa. Of the 472 Medals of Honor awarded in WWII, Doss' recognition was unique because he was a conscientious objector (CO), and was the only CO to receive the Medal of Honor during WWII. His story and his status help us distinguish between cranky, but negligible complaints on the one hand, and substantial, conscientious complaints on the other hand.

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