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Wed Nov 22 @10:00AM -
Ladies Bible Class
Wed Nov 22 @ 7:00PM -
Wednesday Bible Study Class
Sun Nov 26 @ 9:00AM -
Sunday Morning Bible Study
Sun Nov 26 @10:00AM -
Sunday Morning Worship
Sun Nov 26 @ 6:00PM -
Sunday Evening Worship

Please participate in our "Week With Ephesians."

I have challenged the congregation to study Ephesians for 20-30 minutes per days during the week of June 14-20.  During these seven days you are encouraged to do the following one day at a time:

(1) Using your favorite Bible version, read Ephesians through as if you have never read it before.

(2) Read Ephesians through using a Bible version that is not so familiar to you.

(3) Read an introductory article about Ephesians (I'll post on on Tuesday).

(4) Read Ephesians through again, this time marking challenging or especially interesting verses.

(5) Discuss your questions with someone who knows more about Ephesians than you do.

(6) Consider the input you received and read Ephesians through again.

(7) Read Ephesians through one last time, this time listing all of the "Things Christians Should Do" in the epistle.