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Revelation - Four Views

Join us on Wednesday nights as we study the Book of Revelation:


The Book of Revelation Describes Events Fullfilled in the Closing Decades of the First Century, Primarily the Roman Conquest of Israel and the Destruction of Jerusalem.

In about 79 A.D., disgusted by decades of Israelite resistance and revolution, Rome sent in its military forces to end their Jewish problem onces and for all.  The scale of the destruction was huge.  Tens of thousands of Jews (some say hundreds of thousands) were slaughtered and the Temple in Jerusalem was left without one stone standing on another (see Mt. 24:2).  Preterists believe that Revelation addresses these events.


The Book of Revelation is the Pre-Written Religious History of Western Civilization, Primarily the Rise of Roman Catholicism and the Later Rise of the Protestant Reformation.

Following and exclusive Euro-centric take on religious history, the Historist view finds Roman Emperors, the fall of Rome, the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant Reformation, and subsequent Protest successes in Revelation.

The Historist view has been expanded to find other European and American historical events in Revelation.


The Book of Revelation Only Describes Events Associated with the End of Time.  This is the View of Dispensational Premillennialism.

Seeing only the "End Times" in Revelation, the Futurist view attempts to correspond Revelation with historically significant events that began taking place in 1948 A.D. when the Nation of Israel was established.

Although Premillenialism claims to practice a rigidly literal approach, the Futurist approach adds the armored vehicles, helicopters and nuclear cruise missiles of modern warfare to Revelation.

This view is highly predictive, often mistakenly forecasting the end of time.

Philosophy of History (POH)

The Book of Revelation does not Describe any Specific Historical Events, but does Describe the Kinds of Events that are Common Throughout History.

According to this view, "The imagery of the book symbolically presents the ongoing struggle throughout the ages of God against Satan and good against evil.  In this struggle, the saints are persecuted and martyred by the forces of evil but will one day receive their vindication (or are being vindicated).  In the end, God is victorious, and His sovereignty is displayed throughout the ages."

"Revelation is a theological poem presenting the ageless struggle between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness.  It is a philosophy of history wherein Christian forces are continuously meeting and conquering the demonic forces of evil."