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Foster's Home for Children

Foster's Home for Children

            Foster's Home for Children has been a part of the annual budget of the Liberty Church of Christ for many years. Tony Bloom, our speaker for the morning of February 19, 2017 works for Foster's Home in public relations and fund raising. This article is written in connection with Tony's visit to give you some hard data about Foster's Home. Additional information can be found at

Sherwood Foster, oilman and rancher, with his wife Myrtie, founded the home named in their honor.  Children came to live at the first house in 1960.  Since its humble beginnings, Foster’s Home has served over 4,000 children and is affiliated with the churches of Christ.


Sherwood and Myrtie Foster chartered the children’s home in 1958 and the first children were taken into care in the winter of 1960. Since that time, Foster’s Home has provided for the needs of over 4,000 Texas children. From one home located  on a 55 acre site in the northern edge of Stephenville, the facilities have grown to include twelve residential group care homes; Administration building; Mabee Health, Education, and Services Center; Commissary; Pittman Family Center, a multi-purpose facility; barn and livestock pens.

Since 1960, Foster’s Home for Children has demonstrated the ability to meet the needs of troubled children and families by providing residential group care, foster family care, and adoptions. Foster’s Home services, based on strong Christian values, are presented by our professional staff in an educational approach, teaching appropriate skills for interactive living. Foster’s Home operates on sound financial principles with very limited long-term debt. The day to day operations are supported by faithful individual donors and approximately 300 Churches of Christ throughout Texas.

Foster’s Home is licensed as a Residential Group Operation with the State of Texas, and is also licensed as a Child Placing Agency with the State. Foster’s Home is a member in good standing with the following professional organizations: Christian Child and Family Services Association, Texas Coalition of Homes for Children, and is an Accredited Charity by the Better Business Bureau.

Sherwood and Myrtie Foster’s Home for Children has embraced the Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Care as the conduit for implementing its mission to children and families suffering from violence, neglect, abuse, addiction, racism and trauma. Sanctuary is based on trauma theory and systems theory, which makes it particularly effective for an entire organization. Sanctuary is based on the idea that healing from trauma, stress and adversity requires creating an environment that promotes healing.

Sanctuary uses S.E.L.F. as the lens through which it examines the seven commitments, use of safety plans and daily living in the neighborhood of Foster’s Home.  The S.E.L.F. framework stands for:• Safety • Emotions • Loss • Future. Sanctuary-trained staff are expected to be role models for healthy relationships among clients and treatment providers and to make safety and non-violence major priorities across the milieu.

Developing safety plans for clients and staff members is a core component of the Sanctuary Model. These plans are constantly evolving and contain internal and external de-escalation techniques for clients and staff to use until they can regain control of their emotions. These techniques distract clients from focusing on what is upsetting them and assists them to internalize de-escalation techniques.  Every person in the Foster’s Home neighborhood carries a safety plan, from the president to the youngest child.

  • Foster’s Home for Children is an Accredited Charity by the Better Business Bureau, having met their 20 standards of accreditation by the Better Business Bureau for each of the last 5 years.
  • Foster’s Home for Children owes no debt.
  • In the last 5 years, over $4 million has been invested in campus expansion and renovation.
  • Since 1960, the mission of Foster’s Home for Children has been “to heal the wounds of troubled children and families.” To accomplish this, we use evidence based models and treatment protocols.
  • Foster's Home regularly achieves over 99.9% compliance rating on state licensing standards.