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Two, er, Four Heroes

Two, er, Four Heroes

“But It’s Our Job”; “Where Else Would I Be?”; Where Else Were They?

            Identifying heroes is good business for any organization.  Not necessarily the highest flyers, an organization’s heroes are its members who truly live the organization’s values.  Identifying heroes is a way to (i) give heroes a well-deserved ATABOY, and to (ii) reinforce most important principles and ideals.  In order to do that, this article is written about two four heroes of the Liberty Church of Christ.

Hero Theory – For the Birds

            Roles and role players in organizations have been compared with different kinds of birds.  The original organizational birds followed the DOPE acronym of the DOPE Personality Test.

  • Dove – peaceful and friendly.
  • Owl – wise and logical.
  • Peacock – showy and optimistic.
  • Eagle – bold and decisive.

Other bird-types have been added.

  • Jays – cackling and annoying.
  • Migratory Birds – flying from one idea to another without effective implementation.
  • Buzzards – circling slowly while waiting for something to die.
  • Angry Birds – you get the picture.

But who builds the nests?

The true heroes of the bird organization are the nest builders.  Purposefully flitting about from here to there, nest builders are the worker bees (mixed animal metaphor), carrying twigs and pieces of twine, turning the raw materials into our place to live, and then doing the tedious, thankless work of keeping house.  Without the nest builders, all of the other birds are just fly-by-nights.

Who are our nest builders, our value livers, and our heroes?

“But it’s Our Job”

            Following last Saturdays’ Fall Festival, all of the workers were tired.  The combination of steady business and bleaching sun took its toll.  Although everyone enjoyed Fall Festival, many were ready to go home and roost, er, rest.

            Among those who were ready to rest was Patti Davis.  Thinking ahead – dreading ahead - to the next day’s luncheon and its desert assignment, she, like many others, was ready to skip it.  The thought of cooking a cake was just about too much to bear.  After all, who would notice one cake more or less? 

            Her granddaughter Hallie noticed, and Hallie spoke up.  “But Nanna, it’s our job,” she earnestly said.  Yes, a young girl understood and was highly motivated by a sense of duty.  So to the store and then to the kitchen they went.  The result was yummy, pumpkin-looking red velvet cake complete with icing.  The result was really very much more.  

“Where Else Would I Be?”

            With even better reason to be tired, and with an even better reason to skip the whole thing was Peggy McIntosh.  She had only been in the hospital Monday through Saturday – you know, the hospital, that comfy day spa where people go for rest and relaxation (not).

            So where was she on Sunday morning?  She attended the worship services of the church. 

            When asked why she was here, Peggy responded with her typical economy of words.   “Where else would I be?” she replied.  For some, the great reasons of others are not even accepted as decent excuses.  Where else indeed? 

Hold the Presses – Two More Heroes

            Identifying heroes is dangerous business because there are always more heroes.  This is especially true at the Liberty Church of Christ where we have so many who live the values of Christianity.  After floating just one hero in front of last Wednesday evening’s Bible class, I was flocked by two more nominations.  “What about…?” the class twice asked.

            “What about Geraldine Frazier?” someone asked.  Sister Geraldine has had some kind of an infection, and the medicine cure is about as bad as the problem itself, making her feel generally woozy and bad.  So where was she last Sunday?  She, too, attended the services of the church. 

            “What about Francis Petrie?” asked another.  Sister Francis is struggling mightily to get around on feet that are worse for the wear.  So what does she do?  She gets her little feet underneath her and she gets herself to Wednesday night Bible study. 


Conclusion – Birds of What Kind of Feather?

            The following challenge is only for the most morally courageous.

Compare your “reasons” for living less than the highest values of Christianity with Hallie’s sense of duty, with Peggy’s brusque question, with Geraldine’s general wooziness, and with Francis’ simple, sweet determination. 

For your examples ladies, we are thankful.  We are also ashamed.