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Report #2

Much of what we are doing in Baguio is gathering information about the condition of the church here.  A great deal of our time has been spent meeting with church leaders and listening to them tell us what is going on.

There is no "Churches of Christ in the Philippines" annual reference.  This information is only available by grunt work.
Baguio (population 325,000) and its immediately adjacent city of La Trinidad (110,000) form a metro area of about 450,000 people.
In this area there are 11 Churches of Christ.
The Baguio Church of Christ is one of the largest (if not the largest) and most prominent congregations in the Philippines.  This church boasts an attendance of 350*.  Established immediately after WWII by American missionaries, this group supports by itself the Philippine Bible College (more like a school of preaching) and has a long-established eldership.
The Midtown Church of Christ has 250 members.
* Congregations here report attendance as a combination of whoever attends at least once on a Sunday.
The Midtown Church of Christ has 250 members.  Lacking elders, Midtown is one of THE MOST organized and efficient congregations I have ever seen anywhere (period).  Midtown is Baguio's "professional" congregation, consisting of businessmen and professionals.  Like the Baguio Church of Christ, Midtown owns its own building.
The NLEX congregation (North Luzon Expressway) directs the school of preaching that I am associated with.  NLEX has no elders (only three or four churches in the Philippines have elders).  NLEX meets in a rented hall.  There are 75 members.
Meeting next door to Baguio is the La Trinidad Church of Christ.  Their 60 members meet in their own building (although La Trinidad has no chairs, no songbooks, and no communion set - prepare to be begged on behalf of La Trinidad).  Like Baguio, Midtown, and NLEX, La Trinidad has a full-time preacher.
The Ambiong and A-Hill congregations have 50 members each.
Lamot, City Camp, Centerpoint, and Nanglishum have 40 members each.
That leaves the unusually small Antamok congregation that consists solely of little old ladies.
Quite by coincidence, the eleven congregations total 1,000 reported average attenders.