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Appreciate, Take Heart and Be Encouraged

Monday, May 16 was a great day around the office of the Liberty Church of Christ.  Why?  Providentially, several reports of our good work came tumbling in all at the same time.

·         On Monday, we had just served (i) two large meals back to back, one on Saturday for Brad Matyear's funeral and another on Sunday for (ii) the great public service we provide to the First Responder Memorial.  Our Brothers Keepers teams (see "ix" below) provided much of the structure for meal planning, meal preparation, meal serving and meal clean-up.

·         On Monday, I heard Barb answering several phone calls about (iii) our Food Bank.  On Thursday we again handed out high-quality food in an incredibly efficient manner to scores and scores of people thanks to Wayne and to Wayne's army of volunteers. 

·         Recall that some months back, (iv) the Liberty Church of Christ led the unusual international rescue effort that brought a young Christian woman, Amanda Serape, and her two young children back to the U.S. from terrible circumstances in the Philippines.  On Monday we received a three-month report about her progress at New Mexico Christian Children's Home.  Her adjustment is naturally difficult, but she is making progress toward a stabilized life.

·         Monday also brought reports about Sunday afternoon.  In addition to everything else that happened this past weekend, Sunday afternoon was (v) "Activity Day" for (vi) our remarkable Best Friends in Faith program.  Yesterday's activity day was described as the biggest and best yet.  Our Best Friends program just enjoyed its one-year anniversary.  We'll soon have a "thanks" activity to thanks everyone who has volunteered to assist with this good work.  We anticipate feeding at least 25 of our members who  have pitched-in to help.

·         As if last weekend was not enough, Monday reminded us that, this weekend, we were to enjoy (vii) our new and successful men's prayer breakfast, (viii) our annual craw-fish boil, and (ix) the "reboot" of Brothers Keepers.

·         I was elated about i-ix (that's 1-9 for those who are not up to speed in Roman numerals) and observed that "There's probably an (x) in there somewhere that I missed."  Elder Robert Ward provided the x/10 by observing that "Our youth, led by our deacons, actively work with two area churches on a regular basis, conducting worship services in Anahuac and Tarkington."

Two Questions

1.      Is there any other congregation of similar size in small-town Texas that does as much good as the Liberty Church of Christ?

2.      Where do you fit in to this grand scheme of things?

Four Possibilities

1.      "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God” is God's encouragement that we adopt a forward orientation (Lk. 9:62).  Truly, there were once more worshipping and working with us than there are now, but we have very good reason to appreciate, take heart and be encouraged today.  God knows which way you are looking.   

2.      "Well done thou good and faithful servant" is God's compliment for effective workers (Mt. 15:23).  If you are among the sizable minority of our members who can be counted on to get things done, God sees what you do.

3.      "Do not grumble, as some of them did--and were killed by the destroying angel" is God's warning for those who always, constantly, endlessly see negatives where others see positives (I Cor. 10:10).  If you are among the crabby minority that bedevils every organization, God hears what you gripe.

4.      If you are willing to become actively involved but have not yet found your place, God encourages you to become a part.  The ten activities listed above form a pretty good "Things To Do" check-list.  You help is needed in one or two or more.