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Brothers Keepers "Reboot"

Responding to suggestions and requests, some slight changes will soon be made to our Brothers Keepers (BK) program. BK (i) provides an opportunity for our members to interact as small groups, and (ii) responds to larger congregational needs like providing food for funerals and other activities. The slight change will not alter these two primary purposes of BK.

What Will Change?

Two distinct wants and wishes are present in the congregation. Some want to continue BK as-is because they like the intimacy and relaxed atmosphere of meetings in homes. For others, meeting at the FLC is preferred.

Listening to both wants and wishes, the following slight change will be made:

  1. The Cary, Prather, and Smith/Strickhausen groups will continue to meet as small groups in various homes.
  1. When our BK teams meet as small groups, the Balch/Balch team will meet at the FLC.

In order to facilitate this change, everyone will be given an opportunity to select which group and location they prefer. If you like your present group and location, you can keep your present group. If you would prefer to meet at the FLC, you will have the opportunity to join the Balch/Balch group.

This option, the FLC option, might make more sense for those of us who either travel to services from father away or for those of us, like our older members, who do not want to do any more driving than is necessary. Come to think of it, the Balch/Balch FLC team might become our largest team!

Accommodating this change, we will wait until August to begin our the BK task of improving communication. After group membership is sorted out, we will build "phone trees" within each of the groups. These "trees" will be used to quickly communicate information through all of the teams.

What Will Remain The Same?

Although one slight change will take place as our BK program picks up in August, several aspects of our BK program will remain the same:

  1. The schedule of BK meetings will not change. Every other month we alternate back and forth between small-group meetings and all-groups luncheons at the building. We typically have four meetings in late winter and early spring (February, March, April, and May), take off for the busy summer, and then continue in the late summer and early fall (August, September, October and November) before taking the busy mid-winter months off. The change described above will take place as we begin again in August of this year.
  1. Annual special meetings will not change. Our annual mid-summer fish-fry and our annual Holiday Party will not be effected.
  1. The leadership of BK groups will not change.  Several of our families (Balch/Balch, Cary, Prather, Smith/Strickhausen) have provided great leadership for our BK program. Different elder families are also assigned to different groups.  We appreciate all they have done in the past and what they will continue to do in the future.
  1. Our approach to funerals and other large demands on the congregation will not change. When we are called on to respond to a death, (i) the office immediately takes a hefty amount of sandwich makings and other snacks, (ii) the BK team in which the death occurred provides sweets and other snacks, and (iii) led by the team in which the death occurred, all groups assist with preparing and serving the meal and then with clean-up afterwards.