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Church Events

Sun Apr 29 @ 9:00AM -
Sunday Morning Bible Study
Sun Apr 29 @10:00AM -
Sunday Morning Worship
Sun Apr 29 @ 6:00PM -
Sunday Evening Worship
Wed May 02 @10:00AM -
Ladies Bible Class
Wed May 02 @ 7:00PM -
Wednesday Bible Study Class

Sunday Morning Bible Classes

Our Sunday morning adult Bible classes come in three varieties. These classes offer a range of approaches to Bible study.

Phillip Strickhausen, one of our deacons, teaches the Young Adults on Sunday mornings. Meeting in the Family Life Center, the young adults are finishing "Fit for the Master" and are soon shifting to another study. This is our most free-flowing class. Open discussion about what has happened, what is happening and what is about to happen is a huge part of the class. Although many of the students are 20-somethings, there are also some really old guys in there (like Danny).

At the other end of the scale, Elder Robert Ward teaches the Sunday A.M. Auditorium Class. Robert does not stifle discussion, but the class is more about listening and more for folks who like to settle into pews. Robert is studying the New Testament epistles and is studying in Romans.

We also have a second class aimed at non-young adults. Another group of matured adults meets in the inside fellowship hall. Our preacher, Bryant Perkins, leads this class, and it typically involves as much class participation as teacher presentation. 

In addition to the adult classes listed above, we have Bible classes for all ages. Bobby Rader does a great job with our teens, for example, and the ladies who teach the younger kids are always up at the building cutting and pasting for their little ones.